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skepticWhile our response to a another’s need for Christ should be the bold, but loving sharing of the Truth of Jesus, the solution to resistance is not a more persuasive argument, but the Holy Spirit’s opening of the person’s mind and the softening of his or her heart.

So pray accordingly… even as you bear witness to Christ, serving in His name and telling of His grace.

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Young man or woman,

Jesus is God’s Good News to you.  He is the message of hope that satan does not want you to hear.

A message to you, young man or woman

Place your faith in Jesus as your only hope for heaven and happiness and see that He is faithful like no other.

And if you do hear, it’s a message that he doesn’t want you to believe.

And if you do believe, it’s a message he’ll do everything in his power to keep you from fully experiencing.

Just for a moment, let the static of the world and the lies of satan fade into the background.  In this moment, come to know that Jesus loves you and died for your sin.

Place your faith in Jesus as your only hope for heaven and happiness and see that He is faithful like no other.

That is my prayer for you and it is my hope that you’ll trust Him now before you spend your life on something less, before you find that you’ve sown for yourself only a garden of regret.


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“Jesus answered, ‘The work of God is this:  to believe in the One He has sent.” – John 6:29 ESV

The work of God, if genuine, manifests itself in the trusting obedience that produces Christ-like, Spirit-led service that in turn produces the everlasting fruit of changed lives.  Worship, evangelism, discipleship, missions, caring-ministry, and true kingdom fellowship all must find their roots in believe in Jesus.  Being rooted in anything less is not the work of God.  Anything less is not worthy work.

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A right relationship with God is made real in experience through a right thinking about God; a right thinking about God only comes through a true revelation of God; and a true revelation of God comes only through the reading of (and obedience to) the Word from God – the Bible.

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