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Forlorn and lost and bereft of hope,

            Embraced by fear and pulled down the slope

Of pain and fear and desperation

            And dying from our separation

From our source of life, the God of love

            Who supremely rules from above.


In His holiness, He judges all.

            Yet to the sinner, He sends the call

To turn aside from all pride and sin

            And through Christ’s blood he is ushered in

To His presence! Be cleansed and made new!

            Pardoned and changed completely through!


O come and find His forgiveness now!

            And set yourself to discover how

Great and good is Jesus’ love for you!

            How beautiful and perfectly true

Is Jesus Who died to set you free

            But lives and reigns eternally!


Copyright © Thom Mollohan


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The human heart, entrapped in night,

In sin’s dread grasp, no hope of light.

Sovereign grace stooped down to free

Those in sin’s captivity.


He came upon a midnight clear,

The Son of God, to drive out fear.

Laid in a straw-filled manger low,

So life of God we could know.




Oh, tiny town of Bethlehem,

The Prince of Peace is here.

To drive out night and give us light,

God in flesh is near.


Hark how the herald angel seeks

To lift our eyes from strife.

He bids us keep this Babe asleep

As light of hope and life.




Away in the manger, sweet Jesus rests,

This given Lamb of God,

Who on Calvary will die for me

To cleanse me with His blood.


Moved by mercy, moved by love,

The King of Glory came

To cast out sin and enter in

And take away my shame.


Copyright © Thom Mollohan

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A thousand things may come to mind Reaching Hand

When one’s calling he seeks to find.

Riches, pleasure, fame and power

May bloom like a fading flower.

Yet their promise fades in the end

Or turns away like a false friend.

So sense of purpose has been lost

And to dark despair hopes are tossed.

But piercing clouds of doubt and fear,

The light of Jesus’ love shines clear.

We cry aloud to Him Who gave

His life for us so He could save

Us for His purposes and plans.

Our Blessed Savior understands

The strife and pain we suffer through

And helps us know what we must do.

He is the Goal for which we reach;

To our souls He’s the Song we teach;

The Living Water our hearts crave;

The Reason that this life we brave.

The rest of life falls into place,

When we believe we’re led by grace.


Copyright © Thom Mollohan

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Path through the woods

One often likes to think that when

            He or she becomes born again,

Life’s road turns smooth and runs straight through

            Flow’ring glens alive with dazzling hue,

Glorious vistas, soft sod to trod

            That lead us in our walk with God

Ever closer to see His face,

            Feel His love and His warm embrace.


Yet, though such glens of joyful peace

            Indeed occur, they so quickly cease

In order to work deeper still

            The workings of God’s perfect will.

Not all storms come as pounding rain

            That beat upon the window pane

Or mighty winds that whirling by

            Bring grim destruction from the sky.


God knows in hearts there lurk such things

            That flow from selfish ponderings:

Poisonings of our fallen state

            Like pride and envy, lust and hate.

Such seeds of death must be undone

            So deeper bliss for us is won.

For with such things we’ll never be

            Made wholly new, set truly free.


Trials and troubles are therefore sent

            So trust in self be entirely spent

And faith and love be taught to grow

            And from our hearts be loosed to flow.

Hearts that yield within the storm

            Are hearts that God Himself will warm.

So in the dark, though unclear the way,

            Allow Christ’s cross o’er you to sway.


Curse not the advent of the pain

            That is the path to greater gain.

Trust the Father Who guides you through

            And brings new joy and hope to you.

He is faithful, the God Who gives

            You His Spirit that in you lives

To grant you greater life in Him,

            A lasting joy that will not dim.

Copyright © Thom Mollohan

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God's grace and God's love     Gently touched me as if a dove Had lit upon my soul And entered in to make me whole.

God’s grace and God’s love
Gently touched me as if a dove
Had lit upon my soul
And entered in to make me whole.

 Copyright © Thom Mollohan

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A Water Horse Requiem

The Water Horse on the dry land,

       She guarded long the key of brass

Slyly hidden by wisdom’s hand

      So unbidden ones could not pass

Unmarked into wherein were kept

      Secrets to cracked soul and torn heart

So summoned there she lightly slept,

      Warden of hope for a new start.

One fateful day when one with strength

Came and sought to take hold the key,

And so fought the horse and at length

Soon sent her to her destiny.

Water horse strove to hold her own,

Although she stood upon dry land.

Parched and weary and all alone,

She fell to the Seeker’s strong hand.

Seeker gazed sadly on her foe

Who so valiantly defied,

But beaten to the earth below,

She lay there still until she died.

The Seeker took the key and went

Alone into the secret place.

Even so, she made lament

Whilst her tears trickled down her face.A Requiem for a Water Horse

“Alas! Water horse gave her all

To keep her promise to be true!

But now she lies upon the floor,

So now, I see, we need some glue!”

Copyright © Thom Mollohan

* A fun (for me) “nonsense poem” with a back story (a private little joke with co-workers – and they know who they are).  And can you tell that I enjoy Old English style poetry (and making mountains out of mole hills)?

** “Hippopotamus” is Greek for “River (or Water) Horse”.  Yes, this poem is a bit on the “dry” side of the humor spectrum.  🙂

*** The “Water Horse” in question was a wooden carving I had picked up in Africa about ten years ago.  While completing an errand, a friend accidentally knocked it onto the floor and its leg broke.  She humbly messaged me and apologized.  I am glad it happened so that the saga could be completed!


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When the humble-hearted
                Lifts his eyes unto the hills,
As he looks beyond them
                To the only One Who stills
The raging storms of fear
                And the swirling winds of life,
He finds help for his trouble
                And strength to live his life.
Just Who is this Helper?
                Who is mighty for the weak?
Why does He care for those
                Who have no voice to speak?
Who’s the One Who with His love
                Uplifts the sorrowed face?
Jesus is His holy name!
                Lord of hope, King of grace!

Copyright ©  Thom Mollohan

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